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Welcome to The Upton Group - Your Premier Coffee Supplier in Scunthorpe

At The Upton Group, we take immense pride in being your top-choice coffee supplier in Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas. Our journey in the world of coffee has spanned decades, during which we’ve meticulously honed our craft to deliver the finest coffee beans, expert roasting, and unbeatable service to our cherished customers.

As you explore our world of coffee excellence, you’ll discover the essence of The Upton Group, our passion for quality, and our commitment to enhancing your coffee experience.

Unveiling The Upton Group's Coffee Expertise

Founded in the heart of Scunthorpe, The Upton Group is synonymous with premium coffee. Our journey began several decades ago when our founders embarked on a mission to source and roast the finest coffee beans from around the world.

Today, The Upton Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the coffee industry, celebrated for our unwavering dedication to quality, ethical sourcing, and unmatched expertise. Our commitment to delivering the perfect cup of coffee has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers throughout Scunthorpe and beyond.

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A World of Coffee Awaits You

At The Upton Group, our extensive range of coffee products and services is designed to cater to every coffee lover’s palate. Whether you’re a discerning coffee connoisseur or a business owner looking to elevate your coffee offerings, we have something special for you:

Single-Origin Beans

Our single-origin beans are sourced from the world’s best coffee regions. Each bean is handpicked to ensure its exceptional quality and unique flavour profile. From the lush coffee plantations of South America to the exotic coffee farms of Africa, we bring you the essence of each region in every sip.

Custom Blends

Tailored to your unique taste preferences, our custom blends are a testament to our commitment to delivering the perfect cup of coffee. We work closely with you to create blends that reflect your desired flavour profile, ensuring that every cup is a delight to your senses.

Private Label Roasting

Elevate your brand with our expert roasting services. Whether you’re a cafe owner, restaurateur, or entrepreneur, our private label roasting allows you to offer your customers a unique coffee experience under your brand name. Our master roasters will collaborate with you to create signature blends that set your brand apart.

Espresso Machines

Experience the joy of brewing exceptional coffee with our high-quality espresso machines. Designed for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike, our machines are a testament to precision engineering and innovation. Elevate your coffee preparation to an art form with our range of espresso machines.

Barista Training

Unlock the secrets of exceptional coffee preparation with our barista training programmes. Our experienced baristas will guide you through the art and science of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced barista, our training will empower you to create coffee masterpieces.

Coffee Accessories

Discover a wide range of coffee accessories to complement your coffee experience. From coffee grinders and brewing equipment to stylish mugs and cups, we offer everything you need to enhance your coffee ritual.

As a customer-centric coffee supplier, we are committed to delivering not only the finest coffee but also the knowledge and tools you need to make every cup exceptional.

Your Coffee Experience, Our Commitment

What sets The Upton Group apart in the world of coffee? Our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our success, and it reflects in everything we do:

Expert Roasting

At The Upton Group, we believe that roasting is an art form. Our master roasters bring years of experience and expertise to every batch of coffee beans. They carefully roast each bean to perfection, unlocking its full flavour potential and ensuring a consistently exquisite taste in every cup.

Ethical Sourcing

We are more than just a coffee supplier; we are stewards of ethical sourcing. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. We partner with coffee farms and communities worldwide, supporting fair trade practices and environmental conservation. When you choose The Upton Group, you support a sustainable coffee ecosystem.

Uncompromised Quality

Quality is the hallmark of our coffee. From the moment we source the beans to the final cup, we maintain strict quality control standards. Our state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous quality checks ensure that every bag of coffee you receive is a testament to uncompromised quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We take immense pride in our ever-growing community of satisfied customers who return to us time and again for their coffee needs. The smiles on their faces when they enjoy a cup of The Upton Group coffee inspire us to continually raise the bar.

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Elevate Your Coffee Experience with The Upton Group

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