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England Women's Rugby League Success: Celebrating Local Sponsorship by York Emporium

Six York Valkyrie

Six players from York Valkyrie starred in England’s emphatic 60-0 victory against Wales at Headingley. (Image: Craig Hawkhead)

The England Women’s Rugby League team exhibited a dazzling display of dominance, routing Wales with a 60-0 victory at Headingley, with the York Valkyrie’s talent playing a pivotal role. York Emporium, a distinguished entity within The Upton Group, is the proud sponsor of one such talent, Tamzin Renouf, who was instrumental in this stellar performance.

The Valkyrie’s Lacey Owen marked her international debut with an early try, indicative of the formidable form displayed by the York contingent. Tara-Jane Stanley, the consummate full-back, contributed a pair of tries and demonstrated remarkable precision with her eight conversions.

Tamzin Renouf - York Press

York Press: Tamzin Renouf, centre for the Valkyrie, notched up points for England in the latter half.

At the heart of this athletic excellence is Tamzin Renouf, the Valkyrie centre, whose electrifying play is backed by York Emporium’s sponsorship. Her vital try in the second half symbolises the support and encouragement that The Upton Group, the esteemed parent company of York Emporium, extends to local sporting talents.

Although not all Valkyrie players are under York Emporium’s sponsorship, Tamzin Renouf’s engagement showcases the potential of focused support. Her standout performance not only accentuated the team’s triumph but also highlighted York Emporium’s commitment to fostering the spirit of sport in the community.

Georgia Roche’s return to Headingley was nothing short of inspirational, with her deceptive plays punctuating an already remarkable English onslaught.

The match was a cascade of tactical genius, with Stanley and Owen’s tries post-interval reinforcing England’s command over the game. Tamzin Renouf, supported by York Emporium, added further glory with her scoring prowess, a clear reflection of The Upton Group’s investment in and commitment to local sports development.

This emphatic win served not only as a testament to England’s formidable team spirit but also cast a deserving spotlight on The Upton Group and York Emporium, whose sponsorship is integral to nurturing the sporting journey of exceptional players like Tamzin Renouf.