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Welcome to The Upton Group, your go-to coffee supplier in the heart of Bradford. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, we’re more than just coffee suppliers; we’re coffee enthusiasts dedicated to elevating your coffee experience

About Us

At The Upton Group, we believe that great coffee starts with exceptional beans. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to provide the finest coffee beans sourced ethically from around the world. Over the years, we’ve stayed true to this vision and have become Bradford’s premier coffee supplier.

Our story is one of passion and dedication. We understand that coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s an experience. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that every cup of coffee brewed with our beans is a masterpiece in itself.

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Quality Coffee Beans

Our beans are the heart and soul of our business. We take pride in sourcing and roasting them to perfection. From the moment you open a bag of our coffee beans, you’ll be greeted by the rich aroma that promises an exceptional coffee experience.

Our quality control process is rigorous. We select only the finest beans, and our experienced roasters work their magic to bring out the unique flavors and characteristics of each origin. The result? A cup of coffee that’s consistently outstanding, whether you’re enjoying it in the comfort of your home or serving it in your cafe or restaurant.

Ethical Sourcing

We firmly believe that our responsibility as coffee suppliers extends beyond delivering excellent coffee. It’s about making a positive impact on the coffee industry and the communities it touches. That’s why we’re committed to ethical sourcing.

When you choose The Upton Group as your coffee supplier, you’re not just getting quality beans; you’re supporting coffee-growing communities and promoting sustainability. We work closely with our partners at origin to ensure fair wages and sustainable farming practices. It’s a commitment to the future of coffee and the people who cultivate it.

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Wholesale Partnerships

If you’re a business in Bradford looking to elevate your coffee offerings, you’ve come to the right place. Our wholesale partnerships are built on trust and reliability. We understand the unique needs of businesses in our community, and we’re here to tailor our offerings to your specific requirements.

Our wholesale clients range from local cafes to restaurants, hotels, and offices. We provide custom solutions to meet your coffee demands, including regular deliveries, equipment maintenance, and training for your staff. Join our network of satisfied partners who rely on us for top-notch coffee supplies and support.

Coffee Products

Our product range is a testament to our commitment to providing options for every coffee enthusiast. Whether you prefer single-origin beans, unique blends, or delectable flavored coffees, we have something to satisfy every palate.

Explore our coffee categories, each with its own distinct characteristics and flavor profiles:

  • Single-Origin Coffees: Dive into the unique tastes of coffee beans from specific regions around the world. Each batch tells a story of its origin, offering a sensory journey for coffee connoisseurs.

  • Blends: Our expertly crafted blends combine beans from different origins to create harmonious and balanced flavors. Perfect for those who appreciate complexity in their cup.

  • Flavored Coffees: Indulge in our range of flavored coffees that add an extra layer of excitement to your daily brew. From classics like vanilla and caramel to seasonal delights, we offer a variety of options to please your taste buds.

  • Decaf: For those seeking a caffeine-free option, our decaffeinated coffees retain the rich taste without the buzz. A satisfying choice for any time of day.

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Coffee Equipment

To brew the perfect cup of coffee, you need the right equipment. At The Upton Group, we offer a selection of high-quality coffee equipment to complete your coffee setup. Whether you’re a professional barista or a home brewer, we have the tools you need to make every coffee moment exceptional.

Our equipment range includes:

  • Espresso Machines: Choose from a range of espresso machines that deliver precision and consistency, allowing you to create espresso-based beverages with ease.

  • Grinders: Experience the freshness of freshly ground beans with our coffee grinders. Adjust the grind size to suit your brewing method, whether it’s espresso, drip, or French press.

  • Brewing Accessories: Elevate your brewing experience with our selection of accessories, including tampers, filters, and frothing pitchers.

  • Coffee Makers: Explore our collection of coffee makers, from traditional drip brewers to innovative pour-over kits, ensuring you have the right tool for your preferred brewing style.

  • Barista Tools: For the professional barista or the coffee enthusiast looking to perfect their latte art, we offer a range of barista tools and accessories.

Join the Ranks of Coffee Enthusiasts

Have questions or ready to place an order? Get in touch with The Upton Group today. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with any inquiries you may have. We value your feedback and are committed to ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.